Balayage Hair Extensions

INTACTE's balayage hair extensions blend seamlessly into your hair, adding not just length and volume, but also the natural color gradients characteristic of balayage. It's a convenient way to achieve a stunning, sun-kissed look.
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Balayage Hair Extensions Before and After

Let's take a look at the amazing transformation after balayage hair extensions! It's important to note that the exact appearance can vary depending on the type of extensions used (hand-tied weft, invisible weft, tape-ins, etc.), the texture of the hair, and the desired style.

If you're considering getting balayage tape in or weft hair extensions, consult with a hairstylist or a professional to help you achieve the desired hairstyles with extensions applied properly.

Click here to discover the hair extensions before and after in different lengths, colors, and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Balayage hair extensions refer to extensions that are colored using the balayage technique. Balayage extensions offer a more natural and less structured appearance compared to traditional foil highlights or other coloring methods, making them a popular choice for individuals who desire a natural and sun-kissed hair color effect.

Absolutely! The balayage technique crafts a seamless gradient effect, effortlessly blending extensions with your natural hair to achieve a remarkably authentic appearance. Additionally, opting for balayage hair extensions eliminates the necessity of applying chemical dyes directly onto your natural hair, thereby minimizing potential damage.

When getting balayage extensions, it's important to ensure that the extensions match the color and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. This may require custom coloring or selecting extensions that already have balayage coloring applied to them.

Numerous hair extension specialists and salons provide balayage extensions as part of their services. You can freely converse with your stylist about your preferred aesthetic, allowing them to assist you in selecting the perfect extensions and achieving the desired balayage effect.