Invisi Tape in Hair Extensions Venetian Syrup (BM)

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Length 14''
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Cuticles Intact Invisi Tape in Hair Extensions Venetian Syrup (Balayage Caramel), especially for Salon Usage. Hair lasts 9-12 months. 6 months Quality Guarantee!

Invisible Tape-Ins Collection renders a 100% invisible and seamless look for everyone who wears it. The hair is sewn directly into the weft, just like how it grows from the scalp. Especially designed for thin hair.

20 Pieces per Pack

14-16 inches: 40 grams

18-24 inches: 50 grams

Recommended Volume:

2 Packs for Thin Hair

4 Packs for Medium Hair

5 Packs for Thick Hair

Hair Quality: 

100% Primary Cutting Remy Hair, 9-12 months lifespan with Intacte Hair’s 6-month warranty

Hair Texture: Natural Straight


Our 0.8*4cm hypoallergenic U.S-manufactured tape is safe, comfortable and long-lasting. 

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With an overall satisfaction rate over 99.8%, we are confident to offer 6-month quality warranty against any manufacture defects. Click here to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are #1 reliable premium hair extensions brand for professionals.

In salon, Hair Extensions is one of the most profitable and the most risky businesses. Unreliable, non-warranty hair extensions brands are undermining the relationship between hairstylists and their customers.

INTACTE Hair is born to make hair extensions business risk-free for salon entrepreneurs. All our hair extensions are made from Virgin Remy Hair and can last up to 12 months with 6-months hassle-free warranty. We also offer optional insurance in case any accidents happen in the installation process. With Intacte Hair, you can expand your hair extensions business without concerns.

We cannot guarantee a perfect color match from the images alone. We highly recommend purchasing one of our color rings to ensure a perfect color match. Click Here to shop color samples and view complete color information.

Yes. We offer exclusive discounts and resources for licensed professionals. Click Here to register as a professional and receive your promo code and resources.. 

Yes. All our hair extensions are made from Virgin Remy Hair with minimal dyeing process.  It can last up to 12 months with 6-months hassle-free warranty.

Our hair is champion of quality in the industry, that's why we are confident to offer a 6-month quality warranty against any manufacturing defects. Click here for a complete warranty policy.

Intacte Hair Extensions can last up to a year with proper care. Therefore, please follow our care guidelines to maximize your investment on hair.  Click here  for a complete hair care guide.

Yes. Just note that you should only use semi or demi-permanent hair dye on the hair itself. It is not recommended to saturate the top of the weft in chemical dye as it can negatively impact the main PU component. You should never ever lift the color, only deposit it. You want to keep the hair healthy. Color darker, never lighter.

Kindly note that chemically altering the extensions does void the warranty on the product.