I Tip Hair Extensions

Intacte Hair’s I-Tip extensions are installed with a strand-by-strand application, without using heat or glue, this is an especially great application for those with thinning hair around their hairline. 

7 colors, 4 shades

Natural, Balayage, Ombre, Highlight

5 Lengths Available

14'' 16'' 18'' 20'' 22''

Flexible order

25 Strands per Pack

Frequently Asked Questions

I Tip Hair Extensions, also known as Stick or Micro Bead Extensions, are strands of hair with a small metal or silicone-lined bead at the top. They are attached to natural hair using a micro ring or bead.

I Tip Extensions are applied using a cold fusion method. Each strand is attached to small sections of natural hair with a micro ring or bead, avoiding the use of heat or adhesives.

Yes, you can. I Tip Extensions feature a cuttable design, allowing for personalized length adjustments to achieve your desired hairstyle.

No, it's not. The cold fusion method used in the application eliminates the need for heat or adhesives, minimizing the risk of damage to natural hair.

I-Tip and K-Tip (also known as Keratin-Tip or U-Tip) extensions are two distinct types of hair extension methods, differing primarily in their attachment techniques. I-Tip extensions use microbeads and do not involve heat or adhesives during attachment, while K-Tip extensions use a keratin bond that is melted and fused to the natural hair using heat. Both methods can provide a natural and long-lasting look when applied by a skilled professional, and the choice between them may depend on individual preferences and the recommendation of a stylist.