Clip In Hair Extensions

Discover Intacte Hair's luxurious Clip-In Hair Extensions, made with the finest Virgin Hair. Our clip-ins offer unmatched quality and versatility for any style. Enjoy long-lasting, natural-looking hair with easy installation. Transform your client's look effortlessly. Shop now for exceptional hair solutions!

Clip in hair extensions before and after

Let's take a look at the amazing transformation after clip in hair extensions! It's important to note that the exact appearance can vary depending on the type of extensions used (i-tip, tape-ins, k-tip, etc.), the texture of the hair, and the desired style.

If you're considering getting seamless clip in hair extensions, consult with a hairstylist or a professional to help you achieve desired hairstyles with extensions applied properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary hair lengthening method. They are attached to natural hair using small clips, providing added length and volume. The unique aspect lies in the ease of self-installation and removal, making them suitable for temporary needs.

Intacte's online store offers clip-in extensions in a diverse array of colors, lengths, and textures. Whether you seek a seamless or invisible look, or desire extensions ranging from 14 to 24 inches, in shades of blonde, black, or brown, we have you covered.

It's advisable to remove clip-in hair extensions before showering to prevent potential tangling or damage in wet conditions. Washing your natural hair and extensions separately ensures easier maintenance and longevity. If concerned about the appearance of shorter or thinner hair during washing, you can clean your natural hair first and then reattach the clip-in extensions afterward.

Yes, Clip-in hair extensions can be removed every day. Intate's clip-ins are designed for effortless daily use and can be effortlessly clipped in and out, known for their easy installation. You can choose to wear it when needed, such as when styling, or remove it daily to protect the quality of your hair and hair pieces.

While it's technically possible to sleep with clip-in hair extensions, it is generally not recommended. The clips and wefts of the extensions may cause discomfort and can become tangled or dislodged during sleep, potentially leading to damage to both the extensions and your natural hair.

For those seeking a more convenient option that doesn't require daily removal, opting for semi-permanent extension methods like tape-ins or k-tips could be a practical choice. These types of extensions are crafted to endure daily activities, including sleeping, with reduced chances of damage.

Clip-in hair extensions, secured with clips, are a versatile and user-friendly option, ideal for short-term use with easy DIY installation and removal. On the other hand, tape-in extensions, attached with adhesive tape, offer a semi-permanent solution applied by professionals, allowing for longer wear (6-8 weeks) and withstanding daily activities, albeit with a potentially higher initial cost. The choice depends on preferences, maintenance commitment, and desired duration of use.