24 inch hair extensions

19 colors, 4 shades

Natural, Balayage, Ombre, Highlight

6 Lengths Available

14'' 16'' 18'' 20'' 22'' 24''

Flexible order

20 Pieces per Pack

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How long is 24 in hair extensions?

Upon attaching 24-inch hair extensions to your natural hair, they contribute an extra 24 inches, resulting in a substantial and striking change in your overall hair length. Renowned for their distinct lengthening effect, these extensions bring about a dramatic transformation, providing a unique and impactful alteration to your hairstyle.

This hair extensions length chart will help – use it to choose the right length of hair:

Inches Straight hair Wavy hair
14 Upper back Shoulders
16 Bra strap Upper back
18 Shoulder blades Bra strap
20 Mid back Shoulder blades
22 Mid back Mid back
24 Lower back Mid back

24 inch hair extensions before and after

Let's take a look at the amazing transformation after 24 inch hair extensions! It's important to note that the exact appearance can vary depending on the type of extensions used (hand-tied weft, invisible weft, tape-ins, k-tip, etc.), the texture of the hair, and the desired style.

If you're considering getting 24 inch extensions, consult with a hairstylist or a professional to help you achieve the desired hairstyles with extensions applied properly.

Click here to discover the hair extensions before and after in different lengths, colors, and styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether 24-inch hair extensions are deemed "too long" depends on personal preferences, natural hair length, styling goals, and comfort. Some individuals appreciate the dramatic change and noticeable length that 24-inch extensions offer, while others may find them too conspicuous or heavy. Consideration of occasion, lifestyle, and the desired level of transformation is essential. To make an informed decision, it can be helpful to consult with a professional stylist who can provide tailored advice based on your individual circumstances and preferences.

When affixed to your natural hair, a set of 24-inch hair extensions usually reaches a length approximately 24 inches below your natural hairline. The specific placement can vary, influenced by factors like your height, the extensions' attachment points, and the existing length of your natural hair. Typically extending well past shoulder length, these extensions deliver a substantial and conspicuous boost in overall hair length and volume. Depending on individual height and precise application, the extensions may extend to the mid-back or even lower.

The weight of 24-inch hair extensions varies depending on the type and construction. For clip-in extensions, the weight typically ranges from 140 to 200 grams, while tape-in extensions may weigh between 60 to 110 grams. Weave extensions are often sold in bundles, with a total weight of around 120 to 220 grams for 24-inch lengths. Individual strand extensions like micro bead or fusion may weigh approximately 0.5 to 1 gram per strand. It's crucial to review specific product specifications to determine the exact weight, and the total needed depends on factors such as natural hair thickness and desired volume.