14 inches hair extensions

Cuticle Intacte Hair Extensions For Salon Professionals, with 6-month Warranty.

14 inch hair extensions

INTACTE 14 inch hair extensions are available in a plethora of choices, including k-tip, tape-in, and weft extensions. Cuticle intacte hair extensions for salon professionals, with 6-month warranty.


35 colors, 5 shades

Natural, Brunette, Blonde, Piano, Balayage

6 Lengths Available

14'', 16'', 18'', 20'', 22'', 24''

6-Month Warranty

Cuticle-Intact Remy Hair Extensions

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How long is 14 in hair extensions?

"14-inch hair extensions" are hair enhancements consisting of strands measuring 14 inches from the top to the bottom. These extensions serve the purpose of transforming the length, style, or thickness of natural hair when integrated. Opting for 14 inches presents a balanced and adaptable choice, catering to individuals seeking a moderate alteration in their hairstyle without committing to an exceptionally long length.

This hair extensions length chart will help – use it to choose the right length of hair:

Inches Straight hair Wavy hair
14 Upper back Shoulders
16 Bra strap Upper back
18 Shoulder blades Bra strap
20 Mid back Shoulder blades
22 Mid back Mid back
24 Lower back Mid back